Crosswalk with Web Audio API

I created a metronome using Web Audio API in my Ionic 3 app. The timing is perfect when running the project in the browser. However, when running on android devices, there are small noticeable delays. From the research ive done, it seems that the crosswalk plugin supports Web Audio API very well. My question is:

How can I tell that Crosswalk is active while running my project on a device?

The steps I did to install crosswalk from here.

  1. cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-crosswalk-webview
  2. cordova clean
  3. cordova build --release -- --minSdkVersion=21
  4. cordova run android --device

I see from the build process that it is generating the correct apk’s (x86, armv7). However, there doesnt seem to be any better performance from Web Audio API. How can I tell if Crosswalk is active?

Did you ever managed to get web audio API to work correctly?