CrossWalk WebView not works with segment control

I have a requirement is when switch segment option to hide/show specific view. It works when use native webview, but not works when embed in XWalk.

My Template is like:

    <ion-segment class="account-segment" [(ngModel)]="segment" (ionChange)="updateAction()">
      <ion-segment-button value="signin">
      <ion-segment-button class="line-left" value="signup">
    <form #loginForm="ngForm" novalidate [hidden]="segment==='signup'">
    <form #signupForm="ngForm" novalidate [hidden]="segment==='signin'">

My crosswalk config is like:

<plugin name="cordova-plugin-crosswalk-webview" spec="~2.2.0">
    <variable name="XWALK_VERSION" value="22+" />
    <variable name="XWALK_LITEVERSION" value="xwalk_core_library_canary:17+" />
    <variable name="XWALK_COMMANDLINE" value="--disable-pull-to-refresh-effect" />
    <variable name="XWALK_MODE" value="embedded" />
    <variable name="XWALK_MULTIPLEAPK" value="true" />

The problem should be caused by the model changed without update the view.

Did you solve it? I have the same problem.

No solution yet, i switched to normal webview for now.