Crosswalk support for 64-bit android devices


I’m looking for some information on what the situation is for 64-bit architecture support in crosswalk. There are now some devices coming in using, like the Samsung Galaxy S6.

My app crashes instantly on it while the same build runs okay on other phones (Galaxy Alpha). Only way I’ve been able to make it work was to remove xwalk completely from my build. So xwalk is definitely the problem. I found some vague info on their pages but no real definite answer on what the support is. Anyone have ideas?


I’m having the same problem here. I found this.


I opened a bug report for this:

There is going to be an official release, probably late august.


Did you ever get this working on Samsung s6?


Yeah, I did in the end. After I upgraded to latest ionic and cordova versions and added xwalk through ionic cli it worked out pretty okay.