Critical bugs in ionic with a simple project

Dear all ,

I make a simple application which is sending a data of the pressed button through bluetooth each a timer tick (100 millisecond) I have a very critical three critical issues in both platform application only as the following :

  1. I make two listener for button events " touchstart and touchend "
    in IOS it works fine but in android it sometimes call touchstart event and not call touch end . so it is a bug.

  2. In IOS application the timer or all application hangs(not work) while pressing to any point in the application background but in android it works fine and not hang.

  3. In IOS application‘’, ‘_system’, ‘location=yes’);

not works but in android it works fine

I hope to find any solution of my simple project

Thanks alot

No answer till now ?

Is there is no solution ?

Or I should try another platform

Please advice