Creator vs local development



I just wanted to ask some of you out there, how you pair Creator with actual development.
Do you use Creator for a quick mock up, and then start local development when the mockup has been approved by stakeholders?
Or do you use creator as a full on development tool, since it has built-in code editing?

I’m wondering how to use Creator and local development in conjunction. Since exported code would overwrite any code done in local development, it seems to me you would have to mock up the UI in Creator, and then copy-paste the new html/js/css every time you make a new iteration on the UI.

Building the UI using drag and drop saves me a lot of time, but cherrypicking code afterwards almost evens it out. And then I’m not sure if it’s worth the subscription.

What do you think?


It’s a good question – and I would also be interested in hearing different views.

I’m a relative novice, so find the Creator interface quite quick and easy to use – but where I am struggling is with the custom code, as many ionic examples are not (to my novice mind) as easy to copy and paste into the creator experience as if i was developing locally.

Like you, I wonder if the subscription is worth it - especially when I do see that the forums on Creator are pretty silent.


I feel slightly conflicted about Creator. Because I really bought into it purely off Matt’s tutorials and videos, as an educator he’s extremely good and that was really my first introduction to Ionic.

As web-based design interfaces go, its awesome and I did initially subscribe to the paid for version. But as you say after doing an initial design and then exporting (which by the way is a bit cumbersome) I found myself predominantly working in a local dev environment due to needing more flexibility with cordova plugins, and working with multiple people within a GIT repository.

For me, it’s a bit overkill to just use as a prototyping platform for stakeholders. Just as much can be achieved with simple, clickable wireframes. Particularly at such an early stage where people purely want to see “What it looks like” and what the key interactions will be.