Creator vs. Codiqa


I was just about to sign up for Codiqa as it’s basis of it’s builder seemed really stout. When I went to look at Creator which seems like Creator is built from what was learned or is the exact same thing… but, maybe it’s however I am accessing it as a demo or not in Chrome - it does not seem to have as many features as Codiqa’s builder.

Can someone advise? Do I just build for now in Codiqa or make the leap into Ionic? I am a bit adverse to being in on something at the command line and I just want to build COMPLEX USER INTERFACES and then wire them to actions and to backend services. And by complex I mean, I determine positioning of where things go, not locked into what someone’s builder says I can drop where or have it rigidly lock in like that. So, I just need like in Codiqa the ability to adjust CSS etc.

I will assume most using Ionic are bleeding edge technical minds, not really doing pixel perfect UI/UX work or what? If so are you just using any old IDE to build HTML5 and using the framework of Ionic…




Hey David,

Codiqa is a good fit if you plan to use jQuery Mobile. Ionic is an alternative to jQM, so that’s a pretty important decision to make. I wouldn’t use Codiqa if you plan to use Ionic.

As for features, Creator and Codiqa have similar features and a very similar drag-and-drop UX. Codiqa is more mature at this point, but Creator will be getting better in the near future.

Did you know Codiqa and Ionic are from the same company?


Hi Max,

Thanks for replying. Yea, so I have been following Ionic for awhile and seeing where you guys were taking it. I did not realize your history started with Codiqa until I went looking for something that felt a little more established even if using JQM (and honestly, competitive to appery which is where I had been focusing my time). You all are doing great getting the Ionic name out there, and I know with more input and the developers you will be adding - it will be amazing for folks like me as well. It just feels alittle early for me.

I threw down some $ to go with Codiqa for this particular project. And to be in the family officially. This project I have can benefit from being jQuery Mobile. I think it might be good for you all clarify the next few months bit more - like you closed those forums, and do you want to still gain mindshare over with it given IT DOES DO THE JOB for many even with JQM. I was happy you all left the ability to still sign up for Codiqa vs. close it down. I think you will have many still coming to you for it - because really between Appcelerator, Appery, there is not really another tool/service that helps build apps like this in a succinct manner.

But, I will jump to Ionic in the future - as my evaluations like many are always about how to get to Native in the easiest cleanest manner. Just competitive study wise for you - my background has been more around UX and technical, so more of a “design-coder” - but, even I know you all made the right choice to pile onto take on Native in a better way. The only other approach I am considering for this for the future would be FB’s React Native. I think between what Ionic is doing and them - it is the future, hopefully.

Codiqa does some great things in helping visualize the UI and experience, and Appery is great too and more all in one with data and services rolled in - it gets troubling on the UI side of things in it’s builder like front-end. I just hope the true experience of apps is taken further in the design phase within a tool, as I do think Apple has something with it’s Storyboard approach. Just being able to drag things to a mocked up screen is not enough. It needs to be more flexible and yet have design patterns specified that match world class UX, and works something more like Axure RP. But, you guys are taking it forward…




Hey David,

Glad you like Codiqa either way, and I definitely appreciate the insight and feedback!

As for the next few months for Codiqa, to be honest we’re not sure. The company is moving 100% over to Ionic, but we think we can provide a very similar experience that our Codiqa users love in the Ionic world, we are just missing a few pieces (working on those now). When that happens, we plan to move everyone over (that is a tentative plan though).

If you ever have any more feedback or thoughts, feel free to email me directly: max AT


I want to extend Ionic Creator or Codiqa. What’s the licensing on those? Any thoughts to open-source it? Can I commercialize it?


push for this question!


Hey comino & adaptivedev,

My name is Matt, and I’ve taken over the Creator project. We’re working hard on an ​​amazing​​ new release of Creator that I think you’re both going to love.

While Creator will always be 100% free for solo developers, we are viewing it as one of our “services/products,” so it is not included in our open source code. Please let me know if you have any more questions!



Looks like the rug got pulled out from under you Matt, unfortunately. I cannot express how disappointed I am in Ionic Creator being shelved. It really is a disappointment.