Creator status


I have a question about Creator. As with a lot of people we are curious (and concerned) about the lack of information coming from Ionic regarding the status and future of Creator. For us it is a vital part of the tooling that will help us to prototype and rapidly develop apps with Ionic. However v3 has been in ALPHA for a year now with no updates whatsoever. Numerous queries in the forum are left unanswered regarding it’s status or future. I signed up for Pro in anticipation of getting an updated version to look at and use and am wondering whether it is worth continuing with it.

Is Ionic going to be releasing any information and news regarding Creator anytime soon ? At least just tell me whether it is a dead product or not. I think all the paid subscribers deserve some info, even if it is bad news…


I wish someone from Ionic would reply as I wanted to give you my $, but I’d really like to know if development will continue or as the OP asked, is this a dead project?


Two weeks later, no answers. Not good!

Same question here.


This is a community forum. It’s mostly just community members posting and answering. If you want an reply form Ionic, you will have to use one of the support channels.


These are all guesses and my own opinions.

Considering the version that is stable currently and how long v3 has been in alpha and the outdated documentation, my guess is they are struggling to keep up with how fast angular moves.

They probably stopped working on what we have access to now to solely focus on their new ionic 4 release.

I’d also guess, as a way to help them keep up better, they might be converting the cloud based app to a desktop one, probably using electron. This would let them focus more on the UI, which is all creator is, and have it use our local system’s build chain.

While I hope we will get a new version of creator with ionic 4, I personally feel like it wont be ready. If anything perhaps we’d get a beta to test while they finish it.

I’ve been a subscriber for a decent amount of time now and have been disappointed with the current state of creator on many levels. But I remain hopeful they will get it right with ionic 4.


I’ve just learned you can no longer export directly from Creator as it’s using an outdated SDK to publish the file and you can’t upload to the App Store.


All we can do is wait and see what is released with ionic 4.


I recently gave up waiting and cancelled my Ionic Creator subscription/account. It was potentially a great prototyping tool that could then feed into the dev team, but no more.
Interestingly, the exit survey also was no longer operating.


I’m considering moving on. Their recent releases are pretty clear that they have no interest in developing this further. Their support indicates this as well.

I’m horribly disappointed in Ionic. I moved to this platform b/c I thought it was stable and here for the long haul. Now I have to migrate a few dozen apps.

This look like a likely candidate if anyone is moving on:


They are going in the direction I predicted: