Creator: Cannot find plugin.xml


Hi all,

I have an app with a cordova plugin (cordova-vr-player). When I try to build for either Android debug or release I get the following email with the error:

_Cannot find module “lodash”

So I added “lodash” to the cordova plugins and built again, I got the following email error:

Cannot find “plugin.xml” for plugin “package”

So I added “package” to the cordova plugins and got the same error as above.

Any ideas on how to modify plugin.xml or what I missing on the build service please let me know!


Mau Coen


lodash is not a cordova plugin, but a node module. I would look at installing it via npm into the node modules directory and not via the plugins directory.


How do I install a module to the node modules? I’m using Ionic Creator so I don’t have full access to the source code, it gets added when I build the .apk which then I’d have to decompile, which defeats the purpose of paying for Ionic Creator.


Missed that you were using Creator.

Remove both the vr plugin and lodash and try reinstalling the vr plugin.