Creator and Ionic Cloud Deploy


Is there a way to use the Ionic Cloud Deploy capability for apps made with the Creator tool?


I’m very interested in this as well.

I’m new to ionic and app development so it’s a bit or trial and error but I’ll be working on it over the next few weeks so if I find a solution I’ll let you know.


OK, thanks. Obviously, one could export the html, css, and js from Creator and then use the CLI tools to build the app and manage the deployments in Cloud. But that seems to take a lot of the benefit away from Creator as an end-to-end tool.


You may have noticed this as well but i saw they have added another export feature (that doesn’t really do anything more at the moment)

I requested ionic deploy integration with creator last year through the help chat, which they replied ‘Hey thats a great suggestion, I’ll forward it to the team’ so I’ll follow that up and see if it’s on the cards.