Creator 3.X Release date


can someone tell me when the ionic creator version 3.2 gets out of the alpha and all features , like custom scss theming etc. are added?

Thank you!

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same here! we can pay for pro to get creator, but it hasnt evolved in more than a year!
is it dead? then please tell us, so we know we can move on. thank you.

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Yes, I also had to pay pro to work with Creator for some time now. I don’t see any improvements.
Is it dead? What’s going on!

Also having troubles since Ionic Creator both V1 and V3 export APK below API level 26 which can be upload to Google Play. When are you addressing that?

This is a community forum. It’s mostly just community members posting and answering. If you want an reply form Ionic, you will have to use one of the support channels.

Also, if you have a specific problem, please open a topic for it and ask how to solve the problem - maybe someone can actually help.