Creating URL for search results in Ionic

I’m using an Ionic app on web through some proxy tweaks.

I want to make search results on the site to be sharable through copying from browser’s address bar and couldn’t figure how to go about it.

I’m using <ion-searchbar> inside of <ion-header> on the landing page:

<ion-searchbar [(ngModel)]="searchString" [showCancelButton]="isSearching" (ionInput)="searchInput($event)"
        (ionCancel)="searchCancel($event)" placeholder="xxx">

Immediate triggering of search through ionInput ends up with the request:

let search = new HttpParams();
      for(let key in params){
        search = search.set(key, params[key]);
    let query = `?${search.toString()}`;
    return new Promise(resolve => {

but obviously it doesn’t create the query params on the address bar. How would such thing be possible? Any pointers?