Creating a tab that doesn't store any navigation history


Hi there,

How could I avoid storing any navigation history for one particular tab?

To give a concrete use case, one of my tabs is “log your mood”. It takes them to a page with a mood widget, and then from there to a calendar of their past moods. Every time a user goes back to this tab, I would like them to start by logging their mood. Every time they visit, it should be just like the first time. I need this particular tab to have navigation amnesia.

Is this possible? Any tips?


SetRoot method of navController seems to clear the history, as in no back button, it might serve your needs.


Hi Tal,

Thanks for the pointer. For anyone else facing a similar issue, I ended up solving it by doing the following (when the user hits “finish” at the end of the page sequence for the amnesiac tab)

//set root to be the first page you want people to see when they revisit the tab
//don't animate the transition, otherwise that page will flash up for a second before going away
this.navCtrl.setRoot(MoodgaugePage, null, {animate:false})
        .then(() => {
            //go back to the tab people were on before they entered the amnesiac tab.