Creating a container app, multiple issues


As most of you will now by now, Apple is cracking down on “spam” apps. Currently we have 120+ apps in the appstore and 20+ waiting. All for different clients but basically the same app. Differences are content, general styling (including images), app name, app icon, splashscreen and login. We think we don’t have any other choice than create a container app so thats what we are planning to do.

I would like to now if it’s possible for me to do the following things in ionic.

  • change home screen icon (from server if possible)
  • change splashscreen (from server if possible)
  • load sass from the server into the app
  • this seems like a real long shot but possible the app name ?
  • caching all this data

This has too happen after a user has passed the general login screen ( we need a way to determine which style they are going to get etc.)

Thanks in advance,
Robin Hinderiks

I dont think you can do the home screen icon and the splash screen as these are part of your build.

However you could open the app on a generic loading screen and have the client specific image be downloaded from the server to appear as a “splash screen”.

The app name is a no too as thats part of your build.

I dont think the Ionic Pro functionality will be a good fit for this either.

I would say no for everything except for the SASS where I’m just uncertain.

I was afraid of this. I thought the sass would be the least of my problems but since its compiled into css during the build i’m afraid its also out of the question.

I’ve seen some example where the user could switch themes but this was already in the css and for currently 120+ apps this creates one big pile of css code and a giant app.

How apple thought this was a good idea is beyond me.

Yep. I dont have too much hope but fingers crossed someone on the Ionic team has an idea?