Created a project in Ionic Creator and not working in local


I used Ionic Creator to create a project and later used ionic cli command to download and serve.

Created in ionic creator
used command ionic start mmstest creator:64c40ac12eda
from the project executed ionic serve

But now I can see only blank starter not the actual project start.

download link that I see
Downloading Creator Project:\creator\64c40ac12eda\download-start\cordova?sid=j27gm554mm1v67ka21acws9yj7xdr0r7

ionic version - 2.0.0-beta.25

I just updated ionic cli- i think its 1.7.x (not sure how to check it though.)

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I’m having the same problem, albeit through the zip download (given that I’m still trying this out.) When I follow instructions and place the contents, run an npm install, and then ionic serve… I get what appears to be default scaffolding ‘welcome to ionic’ stuff, and not the stuff I designed through the creator. When I look at the code, I see the pages and such that I created, but ‘ionic serve’ sets about creating some new files, presumably used for the default app, and seems to ignore my stuff.

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Yeah, get the same issue, it all looks good but when I run it runs the files that are in the “src” folder and not the new stuff that was done in creator. In fact the creator put everything in the “www” folder and not the “src” folder. When I replace the content of the “scr” folder with what is in the “www” folder it all fails.


update your index.html and app.js file , than it work like charm…