Create Routing App like Ionic View

I have an app which acts as a router App. This app has only one dialog
to select an external website.

External sites are e.g .:

Each page can have its own program version!
The background is that I want to have an app in the store and not a separate for each customer.
In addition, the external websites has acces via the Desktop / Mobile browsers and use of the Application Cache.

When the external web page will open with the router app, this should benefit from Corodva container and
could use the camera, Push Notifications, etc. iAds. Say I need to ngCordova context!

I now have experimented with the following:
iframe - lose the reference to the container Cordova :frowning:
window.location - lose the reference to the container Cordova :frowning:
window.popup - lose the reference to the container Cordova :frowning:

With all these variants i can’t regonized when these are finished with Application Caches.

Are there other ways to implement a routing app?
How then does the Ionic View app? This would also be an alternative
download the content of the external website and run it locally.
Where can i access the ionic View Sources?

Yeah but ionic view app does not show external content…
you have to download you app (you want to start) first and thenyou can use it.
So you will never leave the cordova context

Yes, but how can i access to the downloaded js and html files?

We have done something similar with window.location and reference cordova via localhost like this and it seems to work. With this we can have our app resources local and/or remote (JS, css, etc) and still use hardware APIs like the camera, geolocation.

<script src="https://localhost/cordova.js"></script>

The appcache is a pain in the rear though, hopefully this gets better with Service Workers.