Create dynamic Ion-Grid using ViewContainerRef.createComponent()

I want to create a dynamic grid using Ion-Grid inside a container I created in a template of my app.
I’m building a dynamic page structure using ViewContainerRef.createComponent(ComponentFactoryResolver.resolveComponentFactory(MyComponent)), and now I want to place my components inside the ionic grid system for responsibility. But especially ion-col needs to be directly inside of ion-row because of how flexboxes work, so I can’t place <ion-col><ng-template #mytemplate></ng-template></ion-col> inside a custom component, because Angular makes something like this out of my component: <my-component><ion-col><ng-template #mytemplate></ng-template></ion-col></my-component>.
I haven’t got to make it so I can create Ion-Cols and Ion-Rows with said createComponent() function.

Has anybody an idea how to do this?
Thanks in advance

I would urge you to reconsider this choice. It’s 100% backwards from what I would consider “idiomatic” Angular, which would use structural directives like *ngFor and *ngIf to draw data into the template, as opposed to pushing it from the controller.

As a bonus, doing it that way should design away your immediate problem.

I have no other choice. We’re building a completely dynamic app, the app is loading the layout from our servers and builds the structure using components dynamically.
I know this is not how Angular and Ionic apps should be built, but this is how we are building this app at work.

How about my “skeleton” or Ben Nadel’s mixed content list?