Create Dir on iOS

Hello! I am creating a directory for storing images using $ cordovaFile.createDir (cordova.file.dataDirectory, ‘pictures’, false) … On Android the directory is successfully created, as in iOS to create the same failure. Could anyone help me with this problem?

I made an example for capturing, storing and presenting images. Let me know if you are able by following those steps:
Complete Guide to Images with Ionic

Hello Simon!
I followed your tutorial for imaging, but the problem is not with the directory creation, but with the generation of thumbnail images. The same thumbnail funionam on Android and not on iOS.

So your initial thoughts about the directory creation were wrong? What’s the problem now exactly? You can’t display the thumbnails? Most of the time the reason will be the source you want to display is not where you expect the file to be on your device!

Yes, I was wrong about the directory, the error is actually creating the image thumbnail. A piece of code in the gist

I’m using plugin to generate thumbnails. And that works perfectly for android, iOS does not have to.