Create a site

Some guy said that i can create a “web site” version of my app if i just put the content of “www” in a host service…

Is this true? love the ionic styling…

if it is… anyone knows some guide to do this?

Personally, in my opinion… it would be best to try this in a test environment to see if this works for you - otherwise, the only real way to know is to read, code, try… and repeat.

It is sort of true. I’ve done it. But I’d say it’s only 90% professional. I did this before the most recent Ionic update that included the split-pane advance, and I’m planning to go back and look again once the Ionic team finishes some more PWA stuff. But I don’t think it’s as good as Wordpress yet for creating something that almost always looks good on different desktops. Ionic is still best for devices, but things might improve a lot in 2017.

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