Create a quiz app with integrated db

Hello everybody. This is my first port.
I’m a junior rails developer, I know HTML / CSS and a bit JS and I must create a simple mobile app.
I choose Ionic because I notice is quite easy to learn, and I must learn also Angular, so I can learn Angular + Mobile App in the same time.

The app I want to build is quite easy: I have a huge pdf with a lot of quiz for the italian boating licence, and it’s incredibile that they give to you 500 pages of quiz in pdf without an online version.

I already converted the pdf in excel, i parse the excel with Ruby and now I have the quiz in my db.

Which is the best approach if I want to create a mobile app with Ionic? Which is the best Db to use?


Maybe you should use SQLITE?

Agreed with SQLITE, either that or perhaps just using plain old local storage, depending on what kind of structures you need and if you’re going to need to join tables etc etc…

It’s a quiz app. I have a json file with 1500 records, every record is a question with the 3 answers.

I generate some quiz taking 30 random questions. I need storage only for statistic: I want to keep track of errors and tentatives for every questions.

Maybe is better to user sqlite!