Create a online chat application for my own contact list( Event attendees)

Hi guys,

Hope you guys have a great day.

I really need help as i want to develop chat application for my own contact list - which are my event attendees so basically i have the attendees list having their ids,phone numbers,email etc.

but i don’t now how will i start, or if you have any plugin by which i can install and that’s it, just need to mention the fields from their i can use for communication…
I know this is not practical. that is why i am in the ionic forum and i am sure there will be any way.

Awaiting for your positive response.

Thanks in advance

  1. You can use the cordova contact plugin to access the contact list in your phone
  2. But the trickiest part is that you need to write a socket level program to connect you and the contact list(both of you need to use same app)

just go ahead ,happy to see your progress.

Man, i am new in ionic so don’t expect me this kind of trickiness :slight_smile: ,

but what i am not understood is, the attendees are not in my contact list, they are coming from different database .
so the scenario is , My app scope is for events.
The user logged in
once the user logged in the app he has the attendees list having (email,mobile,Attendeeid) these fields.
What i want is one i click on app it will show me the attendee list.
I will select any one of them and message him/her “hey” and vice versa.

Now i really don’t have any idea how do i achieve this.

Please help me out on this.

For that you need a chat sever( node or any other). While login, all of your app wants to connect to that server. When you want to send message that server help you to connect with your partner.
just go through the links