Create a file editing form as in iPhone UX

Hello everyone.

I want the same process of list editing as in the next two pictures.

I tried to do it with ngFor and by giving an index to the value I’m displaying in this ngFor, but I’m struggling to find a solution on how to recognize which element has been selected in the toggle (or radio button, whatever), so basically which element should be removed from the display.


<div *ngIf="isModified" class="extListAction">
    <ion-label><b><u>Liste des actions :</u></b></ion-label>
        <ion-radio-group [(ngModel)]="idActionSuppress">
        <ion-item  detail lines="none" *ngFor="let action of newActionList; index as index">
            <ion-radio  value="{{index}}" (click)="showMe()"></ion-radio>
        <ion-label class="ion-text-wrap">
          <h3><b>{{index}} {{action.Action1}}</b></h3>
          <ion-chip class="chip">
            <ion-icon class="chip" name="checkmark"></ion-icon>
            <ion-label>Tâche active</ion-label>
          <ion-chip class="chip" *ngIf=" === 2">
              <ion-icon class="chip" name="hourglass" ></ion-icon>
              <ion-label>Support demandé</ion-label>