Correct versions combination

Hi All,

I had experienced using ionic last year but I stopped. But now I’m back again, it seems i got a lot of errors and warnings and couldn’t even continue to test my apps. I did some research and found a lot of discussion on version incompatibilities and the likes.

I want to start from scratch, so what is the best version combination for Mac OS X environment on the following:

  1. Node JS version
  2. NPM version
  3. Cordova version
  4. Ionic Framework version

Hope you can help me guys. Thanks!

I would suggest the LTS (Long Term Support) version of Node i.e. 6.9.1, and that includes npm 3.x. Then the latest Cordova and Ionic CLI versions.

I also suggest using nvm to install Node so you can keep multiple versions if you need to.

Hi Mirkonasato. Thanks for the help!
I installed cordova but I got this message “npm WARN deprecated node-uuid@1.4.7…”

But installation continued, is that ok?

Yes it’s just a warning, it’s safe to ignore.

Thanks Mirkonasato! I really appreciate your help