$cordovaSQLite or Local Storage?

Hi Folks,

Could someone tell me what would be a better choice to store values from Settings page of an Application?

$cordovaSQLite Plugin or Local Storage?

Thanks in advance.

Personally i’d use localstorage - you can save the whole object via json.stringify and if you dont have to worry about keeping the sqlite table up to date if you add new fields on your page etc

I need it mainly for Switches or Range values on the Settings Page. I wouldn’t have more than 6 variables in total. Would you still suggest LocalStorage for the same use?

If they were all linked to the same ng-model, then yeah, you could have something like

   this.save = function (mySettingsModel) {
    $window.localStorage.appSettings =  JSON.stringify(mySettingsModel);

this.destroy = function () {

this.getSettings = function(){
        return JSON.parse($window.localStorage.appSettings);

You also dont have to worry about callbacks etc when updating or retrieving the settings

I just came across localForage and angular-local storage in other posts on the Forum. Do you have some suggestions about it please?

Just use localStorage. I’m doing exactly what you are and have done in previous apps - settings are in localStorage. It’s simple and it works.

Thanks for the help guys.