CordovaLib --> CDVURLProtocol.m semantic issue

XCode is showing an issue warning coming from CordovaLib --> CDVURLProtocol.m
The implementation class name is CDVURLProtocol.m and Xcode is flagging the following Semantic issue with the statusCode Integer variable:

@property (nonatomic) NSInteger statusCode;
Xcode says " ‘atomic’ attribute on property ‘statusCode’ does not match the property inherited from ‘NSHTTPURLResponse’ "

Any ideas what is triggering this semantic issue or warning? CDVURLProtocol.m is a Cordova class

This is something on the cordova side of things. The plugin havent been update yet…

Is this fix now? Cordova iOS and iOS 8

Is this fix now? Cordova iOS and iOS 8?

It should be, but again, its a cordova issue, not an ionic issue.

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