$cordovaFacebookProvider: documentation errors and other problems

I’m having a couple of problems with $cordovaFacebookProvider, specifically with the “web development” feature:

First, the documentation tells me to use the setAppID function, but when I opened up the code the correct function turned out to be setFacebookAppId.

Second, when I try to do the configuration that the documentation suggests using the setFacebookAppId function, I always get the undefined is not a function error.

Here is the result of a console.log inside my app.config module:

In fact there is no setFacebookAppId function!

Can anyone tell me whats wrong?

Thank you.

I’m having this issue as well :frowning:

Hi @wedelgaard, did you find a solution for this?
I’m out a of luck, and looks like that no one knows the answer as well :confused:

Hi @vasconcelloslf,

Actually I gave up on the ngCordova Facebook plugin, and turned my attention to openFB:


I seems to work perfectly if you don’t need the naitive facebook login. Give it a go :wink:

I believe this is due to you installing ngCordova with Bower. The latest master branch has the most recent changes which reflect the docs.

@wedelgaard @vasconcelloslf

I just release a new version of ngCordova to account for the changes made in the Facebook Plugin https://github.com/driftyco/ng-cordova/releases/tag/v0.1.6-alpha

And updated the DEMO inside ngCordova, so go check that out for a working example. https://github.com/driftyco/ng-cordova/tree/master/demo

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I indeed installed ngCordova through bower, so maybe that was the problem!
I’m gonna use the version from master, thank you for your help, ngCordova is awesome.