$cordovaFacebook post to friend's wall

Hi all!
I have my implementation working where I can post to a User’s wall, but I’m trying to post to their friend’s wall.

Does anyone have this working?

 var options = {
          method: "feed",
          link: "http://happy.link.com",
          caption: "Such caption, very feed.",
          from: fromFbId,
          to: toFBId

          .then(function(success) {
          }, function (error) {
            // error

Any ideas?


I think posting to friends walls via the API is not permitted:

StackOverflow question/answear on this subject.

That’s what I read as well, although I was hoping for a different answer!

It looks like they removed that from the native API and say “just launch our dialog”… which isn’t supported via the native SDK.