Cordova-spotify-oauth not working on iOS

Dear forum members,
we are developing an app that will allow you to log in through Spotify.

For this we use Capacitor with the following plugin:

On Android everything works fine, but on iOS we unfortunately get the following error:

[capacitor] 2 cordova plugins found for ios.
[capacitor] cordova-spotify-oauth (0.1.13)
[capacitor] es6-promise-plugin (4.2.2)
[capacitor] 0 capacitor-plugins for ios found:
[capacitor] [error] Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, stat ‘/Users/…/Desktop/…/Projects/…/node_modules/cordova-spotify-oauth/src/ios/spotify-sdk/SpotifyAuthentication.framework’

Unfortunately, reinstalling the plugin did not fix the error.
Thanks for your help in advance!

Always look at the issue trackers for underlying plugins. You would have found this.

They fixed this issue, but they have not released the fix in npm

try installing the plugin like this npm install github:Festify/cordova-spotify-oauth or npm install

The plugin seems abandoned, so I wouldn’t rely on it