Cordova SMS plugin

Hi All.

I’m looking to build an Android app that will listen and read incoming SMS. Based on the content of the SMS the app builds an object that I would like to persist in DB. The app should listen to SMS even if it is closed.

e.g SMS recieved from +974594746 and content is “please visit our website at, quote 1234 to purchase”

construct an object from that SMS, MyObject = from: +974594746, webUrl: quotenumber: 1234

then I want to persist MyObject on my storage. So every time that I get SMS from +974594746 I repeat this process.

Your help is appreciated…

I really would suggest that you do not build an app like this. For security reasons, I can say that I would not install an app that intercepts/reads my text messages.

This is for a small team/company…you install the app knowing exactly what it does.

@mhartington, feasibility study and market research has been done already. I just need to implement this. Please assist if you can.

Hello @simcard

cordova-plugin-sms is a good start if you haven’t looked at it already. One thing I am not sure though is listening for messages even when the app is not running?


Thank you @vijquick, I could not get the onSMSArrive arrive event to fire. I could only read, i’m still exploring this plugin.

I’m new to mobile dev, isn’t there something like a service I could do when the app is not running?