Cordova Progress / Activity Indicator Plugin


I just finished building a Progress Indicator Plugin for Cordova.

You can find the repo at github/pbernasconi/progressIndicator

The plugin allows you to show a native Progress Indicator on iOS. It is a native alternative to the $ionicLoading that ionic provides, and can be used for a variety of purposes.

**The Docs ** can be found at

Example usage:

ProgressIndicator.showSimpleWithLabelDetail(false, 'Loading...', 'Refreshing list')

A few screenshots:

|| || ||

|| || ||

|| || || ||


p.s. you can install now using:

cordova plugin add org.pbernasconi.progressindicator


This is awesome! Great work!


I installed this plugin but it is not working :

$cordovaProgress.showSuccess(true, "Success!");

it is giving me following error -

ReferenceError: ProgressIndicator is not defined
    at Object.showSuccess (


did you solve this ?