Cordova-plugin-qrscanner not showing camera view

Ionic v1 TABS

I got the qrscanner installed properly, everything is initializing properly and in fact I am able to blindly scan items. “Blindly” means the camera view/scanner isn’t appearing in my app. Its hidden beneath the app.

Has anyone gotten the qrscanner to work with Ionic v1 using Tabs template layout? I am jumping through hoops to get this to work but its requiring a lot of custom code to make the necessary elements transparent to reveal scanner beneath the app.

What I have found is there are THREE places I have to change the element background:none transparent for the Tab view to go blank before I can see the camera view hiding beneath. Below are the three elements as rendered:

   <ion-nav-view id="appNavView"> // custom ID assigned
      <div class="pane" nav-view"active" ...>    // 1st element that needs transparency - but can't assign ID
         <ion-tabs ...>
            <ion-nav-view name="tab-scanner"  ...>
               <ion-view id="ionViewScanner" class='pane' ...>  // 2nd element that needs transparency - custom ID assigned
                  <ion-content id="ionContentScanner" ...> // 3rd element that needs transparency - custom ID assigned

That 1st DIV element is created by Ionic, I can’t assign an ID. If I could assign an ID I could easily write some scripts that turns on/off transparency for all 3 elements. NONE of this is ideal but its possible. Without the first element ID though, its going to take some crazy custom code that starts messing with the pane class - which is used in many locations.

There has got to be an easier way to do this with Ionic v1…yes? anyone?

For anyone that is in the same boat as I was, here is a link to how I solved this issue, its not ideal, but it does seem to work without impacting anything else: