Cordova-plugin-inapppurchase : Restore method don't provide real purchase state

I’m exploiting cordova-plugin-inapppurchase to sell a full access to one app basically provide with some limited features. I need to use restore() method tho check if an user has really yet bought my product, I can get response data to exploit them but the returned data always give the receipt’s statePurchase equal to “0” in the string formatted ‘receipt’ item of JSON formatted data.

I expect to receive “1” after the customer’s or tester’s buying, and to receive “REFUNDED” or “2” after its refunding. The two cases were tested after I’ve added in my GooglePlay account an apk beta release.

Moreover the product has been bought with the buy() method, I never follow it with the “consume” method, I tested with using the consume() method just after the buy() method but it doesn’t helps : it permits to re-buy the yet owned product !

Unfortunely, I’m think I didn’t get the good attribute : because de “state of the purchase” is normaly always equal to “0” described in this GooglePlay’s documentation>table 7, because I’m programming in Android :

purchaseState The purchase state of the order. It always returns 0 (purchased).

After searching I refind the good attribute to test to check the refunding of the app at the plugin project page sample, but I NEVER receive it in the string of my previous restore() test.
After that I testing again in the Beta program with an APK compiled with – release and --device argument, it’s not better : I don’t received any “state” attribute !

Is there somebody to confirm me this attribute is normally not send with restorePurchase with the testing Beta APK, and secondly is it send in some public APK ?