Cordova-plugin-ble-central plugin - Error 133 when write action



I am getting error 133 when I try to write a long buffer in a bluetooth device.
Previously, the code makes write actions which works correctly. So, it is something related to the data that I try to send in the specific step, maybe is it too long? is there some limit in the number of bytes of data array?
Below I attach the code related to this step:

public apduSelect = new Uint8Array(29);
public deviceID = “DE:08:6B:53:71:0A”;
public serviceid = “71e35e48-627b-11e3-bf13-d231feb1dc81”;
public characteristicWriteid = “fc72bf5a-de74-4134-91f2-e2120fee2bc3”;
public characteristicReadid = “027c2675-75fe-4053-9f6f-2955dd3d9ad8”;

this.apduSelect[0] =0x6F;
this.apduSelect[1] =0x13;
this.apduSelect[2] =0x00;
this.apduSelect[3] =0x00;
this.apduSelect[4] =0x00;
this.apduSelect[5] =0x00;
this.apduSelect[6] =0x03;
this.apduSelect[7] =0x00;
this.apduSelect[8] =0x00;
this.apduSelect[9] =0x00;
this.apduSelect[10] =0x00;
this.apduSelect[11] =0xA4;
this.apduSelect[12] =0x04;
this.apduSelect[13] =0x00;
this.apduSelect[14] =0x0E;
this.apduSelect[15] =0x32;
this.apduSelect[16] =0x50;
this.apduSelect[17] =0x41;
this.apduSelect[18] =0x59;
this.apduSelect[19] =0x2E;
this.apduSelect[20] =0x53;
this.apduSelect[21] =0x59;
this.apduSelect[22] =0x53;
this.apduSelect[23] =0x2E;
this.apduSelect[24] =0x44;
this.apduSelect[25] =0x44;
this.apduSelect[26] =0x46;
this.apduSelect[27] =0x30;
this.apduSelect[28] =0x31;
this.ble.write(this.deviceID, this.serviceid, this.characteristicWriteid,this.apduSelect.buffer).then((deviceData)=> {
console.log(“Request:” + this.bytesToString(new Uint8Array(this.apduSelect.buffer)));, this.serviceid, this.characteristicReadid).then((dataToRead)=> {
console.log(“Response:” + this.bytesToString(new Uint8Array(dataToRead)));
var buffer = new Uint8Array(dataToRead);
console.log("Bank Application AID: "+ this.bytesToString(buffer.slice(26,34)));

}, error => {

}, error => {
That characteristic has WRITE property.
Please, could you help me with this issue?
Thank you.