Cordova + OpenGL ES

Its uncategorized question so I bag your pardon.

I’m not HTML 5 Animation Guru but I did some projects in the past based on OpenGL ES (2D).

As I know with Web based application we able to show up some basic activities as Time/Date and so on.

My question is pretty simple: Can we use OpenGL ( a.e GLSurfaceView ) mixed with WebView?

I don’t try to change web objects like buttons but only add some effects for example water waves on finger touch.

Does anybody heard about?

Thank you,

The only issue you may have is browser support. I know android doesn’t have too much support for WebGL (if any)

Your best bet maybe to use canvas.

android chrome, iOS 8, and wp 8.1 support webgl.

However, why do u need OpenGL any? If u focus on games, those game engines could be better choices.