Cordova / missing cordova.js on IonHub (?)

Hello Guys,

why is cordova.js not in the package when I create a build with ionic hub?

I did:
ionic cordova platform add browser

If I use locally:
ionic cordova run browser
then cordova.js is there, but If I make a build with ionhub (and then download it) the build doesn’t place it there…however it would be neccessary, as I would like to use some cordova plugins in Browser…

why is it says the browser for my app “camer is not supported by your browser” however it is, as it is working fine with html video.


Cordova browser was never intended to be a fully featured platform. You should not use it.

A better option would be to use Capacitor which has baked in support for running in the browser.

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Thank you so much! It works perfect!!!

For the others, who might have the same issue:

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