Cordova/Ionic is stacking up AJAX data in Android's Data space

My application contains multiple templates, which are populated with data received using AJAX requests, and I am using Ionic framework with AngularJS. And I noticed that each time data is being received, it adds up to the application’s Data.

I predicted it could be something about DOM, but even after commenting out the part which appends to (or modifies) DOM, the data still added up to my app’s Data. So I am 99% sure Cordova is saving the requested data not in cache, but in Data. So what could be the solution? I tried:
data = null on success, but I suppose it’d treat it as a var, rather than an object?

PS: A simple Cordova+jQuery mobile application without Ionic framework had the same issue.

Cordova Version: android 3.6.4

A sample of how I’m retrieving the data:

fileURL = "https://s3-xxxxx" + parameter + ".html";
var fileRequest = $.ajax({
    url: fileURL,
    type: "GET",
    cache: false,
    async: true

Try to use the angularjs $http service to send requests.$http

I do not have access to the local server which I use for development at this moment, but as far as I remember, even $http reuqests made by the app increased the size(that was in few kbs, so that’s why I am unsure).
That code in the controller looked like:
$http.jsonp("http://192.xxxxx.php?callback=JSON_CALLBACK&e=" + $scope.em)

Found the solution.
The problem is, whatever Cordova receives is cached into app_webview/Cache and dunno why, but there isn’t something which controls this well.

This plugin did the thing: It is compatible with Cordova 3.3.1 and above. It works with my Cordova 4.2.0 app.