Cordova In-App browser opening external scripts

//Actual webscript

<script type="text/javascript">
   var lhnAccountN = "310904-1";
   var lhnButtonN = 38;
   var lhnInviteEnabled = 1;
   var lhnWindowN = 0;
   var lhnDepartmentN = 36316;
   var lhnChatPosition = 'bottomright';

<a href="" target="_blank" style="font-size:10px;" id="lhnHelp">best live chat</a>

<script src="//" type="text/javascript" id="lhnscript"></script>

Im trying to open above script using in_app browser

    var options = {
         location: 'no',
         clearcache: 'yes',
         toolbar: 'yes'

      var'', '_blank', options);

        ref.addEventListener('loadstop', function() {
        code:"var lhnAccountN = '310904-1';var lhnButtonN = 38;var lhnInviteEnabled = 1;var lhnWindowN = 0;var lhnDepartmentN = 36316;var lhnChatPosition = 'bottomright';"
        code:"var chat; chat.src='''lhnscript'"    }) }) } 
`<a href="" target="_blank" style="font-size:10px;"ng-click="testChat()" id="lhnHelp">best live chat</a>`

//the external scripts are not loading and how to bind the id values to the script.

Do you have cordova-plugin-whitelist installed?
if not, install it using ionic plugin -g add cordova-plugin-whitelist

Otherwise latest cordova versions block http requests.