Cordova Hook App Name Localization


Hi All,

I have a requirement for my App to support English and French. We have an automated build process that I must follow. My problem is that I have to add the localization files to the XCode project when I add the platform. I want to copy the new files in the configure the XCode project using a Cordova hook.


Problem is that the NodeJS xcode project does not add the proper group for this. It should look like this in

/* Begin PBXVariantGroup section /
431B8CD01B77C6EC00AFEDAE /
InfoPlist.strings / = {
isa = PBXVariantGroup;
children = (
en /,
431B8CD11B77C6EE00AFEDAE /
fr /,
name = InfoPlist.strings;
sourceTree = “”;
End PBXVariantGroup section */

I added a method to XCode NodeJS called:

pbxProject.prototype.addPbxVariantGroup = function (filePathsArray, name, path, sourceTree) {

var groups = this.hash.project.objects['PBXGroup'],
	pbxGroupUuid = this.generateUuid(),
	commentKey = f("%s_comment", pbxGroupUuid),
	pbxGroup = {
		isa: 'PBXVariantGroup',
		children: [],
		name: name,
		//path: path,
		sourceTree: sourceTree ? sourceTree : '"<group>"'
	fileReferenceSection = this.pbxFileReferenceSection(),
	filePathToReference = {};

/*for (var key in fileReferenceSection) {
	// only look for comments
	if (!COMMENT_KEY.test(key)) continue;

	var fileReferenceKey = key.split(COMMENT_KEY)[0],
		fileReference = fileReferenceSection[fileReferenceKey];

	filePathToReference[fileReference.path] = {fileRef: fileReferenceKey, basename: fileReferenceSection[key]};

for (var index = 0; index < filePathsArray.length; index++) {
	var filePath = filePathsArray[index],
		filePathQuoted = "\"" + filePath + "\"";
	if (filePathToReference[filePath]) {
	} else if (filePathToReference[filePathQuoted]) {

	var file = new pbxFile(filePath);
	file.uuid = this.generateUuid();
	file.fileRef = this.generateUuid();
	this.addToPbxFileReferenceSection(file);    // PBXFileReference
	//this.addToPbxBuildFileSection(file);        // PBXBuildFile

if (groups) {
	console.log('Adding Groups...')
	groups[pbxGroupUuid] = pbxGroup;
	groups[commentKey] = name;

return {uuid: pbxGroupUuid, pbxGroup: pbxGroup};


But it does not add it. The group I need does not exist, therefore it does not add it.

Maybe I am overthinking this or missed an easier way to do this. Anyone have a way to add a hook that lets the App Name be displayed in the language of the device???