Cordova google maps setPadding

is setPadding working for anyone? I don’t see any adjustment to the map when I go map.setPadding( 0,0,200,0 );

Hey , I am having the same issue. Did you find any fix?

@uditguru no I have not :frowning2:

I made a github issue, could you also please write a comment and say its not working for you?

@uditguru did you figure out the issue?

No , someone suggested to use JS API instead

@uditguru awwww, ok no problem…

could you please do me a favour and just reply to my github issue saying that its not working for you as well? I would really like them to fix this issue :slight_smile:

Ok I am reporting , the function is really needed

when you said to use the JS API, did you mean the actual javascript google maps? or did you mean the cordova plugin google maps?

I’m actually able to go around ionic native and directly target the plugin:,0,200,0)

I was Talking about the Google maps JS API. IS it working fine?

for ‘cordova google maps’ it works, ‘ionic-native cordova google maps’ does not work, and the ‘javascript google maps’ I have no idea about…is the javascript google maps not working still for you? I can check it out if its not working for you still…

JavaScript API does work but its a little slow