cordova.file.dataDirectory is null on iOS Ionic View


I’m obtaining null when I try to read de cordova.file.dataDirectory on iOS Ionic View APP. The same code on Android Emulator works fine and the obtained value is the expected.

What can I doing wrong?


Hi everyone,

i am using Ionic File Transfer, in browser it will not run as cordova is not present so I am testing it in Ionic-View app but when i click on download button nothing happens.

Can anyone help me out how to test on android device without creating an .apk file of an app.

Some cordova plugins like File doesn’t be availables on browser and ionic view. Only on real devices

Here is a list of the supported plugins in Ionic View:

File/cordova-plugin-file is not one of them.

Thank you Guys for getting me back,

@Sujan12 for the URL link it helped me to understand which plugins will work on Ionic-View app.

Any other solutions how to check it will be appreciated.

Thank you.

Build the app yourself. It’s not that hard.
If you don’t have a Mac, look into Ionic Package service. Works out of the box.