Cordova confirm dialog callback does not call first time


Cordova confirm dialog callback does not call first time it call only when i try to open the popup again.

is there any fix for this issue.


Are you running in $ionicPlatform.ready() callback? If not, cordvoa and it’s plugins might just not be fully initialized.


Firstly thanks to reply as no one was replying on this …

Yes i have that $ionicPlatform.ready() inside my app.js run method but still i am getting same issue…

.run(function ($ionicPlatform) {
    $ionicPlatform.ready(function () {


when i open confirm dialog and click on yes button then nothing happens(call back does not call) but when i try to open again confirm dialog then immediately previous callback method calls before opening second dialog.

i think previous request in que but it triggers when any new plugin request comes.

The same behaviour with my all the plugins even camera or file upload also.


I’m not sure whether you need it or not! But you might need to bootstrap angular/ionic manually… I’m not sure as to when this will be necessary, but sometimes it just is I guess. See for more information on this:

Are you using corodova confirm dialog by using ngcordova? This might already fix some problems you’re runnnig into. For meer information:

I’m not that experienced with cordova methods in combination with ionic yet, but I’ve read some things about it :slight_smile: Someone with more experience might be able to help more accurately on this issue…