Cordova BarcodeScanner: changing the “msg_default_status”


I’m having some trouble changing the default text message that appears when the mobile camera launches which is "Place a barcode inside the viewfinder rectangle to scan it."

I searched for every occurrence of that message inside the plugin’s source code and changed it, it worked in one device, and failed in three others with different versions of Android, the message showed in those devices was the default one.

Was my approach the right one?

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Do you change it from xml file?

  <string name="msg_default_status">Place a barcode inside the viewfinder rectangle to scan it.</string>
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Yes, I changed the value in the following files: plugin.xml, platforms/android/res/values/strings.xml and android.json. The problem as I said, in the fact that the change was visible only in one device and not in 3 others.


Hi @wassimans you can chage the message in the prompt like this:
this.options = {
prompt : “Your text here”
this.qr.scan(this.options).then((barcodeData) => {