Cordova - app crashes on both iOS/Android after an OS upgrade

This is an issue that’s affected a hybrid app built using Sencha Touch and another hybrid app built using Ionic. Both apps are packaged using the latest version of Cordova to generate the iOS and Android binaries.

I install the app on a device running, say Android 5.1.1. Open the app, it works fine. Then I upgrade the device to Android 6.0. Open that app and it freezes/crashes. Only solution to this problem is to uninstall the app and re-install on Android 6.0, which is a major inconvenience for the user.

Anyone else experience this same issue? I Googled but got nothing in the search results.

I’m facing the same issue…
I couldn’t find out the proper solution…
Did you find any solution?

I have a user reporting that our app crashes on Android 6.0 for a user running on a Nexus 6P (angler). This launched with 6.0, rather than upgraded.

I have not :frowning: We released the app to the iOS/Android stores without a fix. We’ll see how it goes :slight_smile:

Anyone solved the issue? I’ve a radio app which works perfectly for Android 5.1.1. But for Android 6.0, it just crashes, radio doesn’t play.