Copying Apps

I have 2 apps that share the same codebase; the only thing that is different between the two apps are values set in a config.ts file, and the Ionic app ID for each app.

My apps are registered with Ionic Pro, so when I update them I push them to Github, then push them to Ionic where they are compiled, after which I download as a package and submit to the apps stores.

It’s basically like this

App Development Master (Ionic ID 495839)
|- App 1 Production (Ionic ID 12345)
|- App 2 Production (Ionic ID 54321)

When I update the Development Master, I then copy each changed file and paste it into the appropriate location in each Production app; this is tedious and prone to error.

So my question: can I just duplicate the Development Master for each Production app? All I would have to do is update the config.ts file for each app… BUT - I would also have to update the Ionic ID for each app as well, yes? If so, how?

Any downside to this?

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