Copy of divisions getting created, when opentok subscribe or publisher connected


The ionic app version is 2.
Reference app link:

I am trying to use above example in one of my apps. When I tried to execute this example I am getting 2 layers for each division, out of those 2 layers of the same DIV, the bottom layer is in our control. which is a blank black box. And on top layer video is streaming, which we can not control(resize, scroll, apply CSS etc…)

And when I try to scroll HTML page or apply any CSS, JS operations to the div which I created. It is affecting to bottom layer DIVs.

After some googling, I realized that, OT.updateViews() or TB.updateViews() function will solve this issue, but no luck. :frowning:

Here is my code:

startCall() {
this.session = OT.initSession(this.apiKey, this.sessionId);
streamCreated: (event) => {
var pubOptions = { publishAudio: true, publishVideo: true };
this.session.subscribe(, ‘subscriber’, pubOptions);
streamDestroyed: (event) => {
console.log(Stream ${} ended because ${event.reason});

this.session.connect(this.token, () => {
this.publisher = OT.initPublisher(‘publisher’);

Thanks for the help in advance.