Copy app and add to Ionic Pro

I’m creating an app that will basically be used as a template. We’ll call this “Template.”

The Template app is set up and synched with Ionic Pro, so that we can test it in Ionic View. For our purposes here, it has the Ionic app ID: YYYYYYYY.

I’ve now made a copy of Template, changed what was needed in config.xml and am ready to deploy it to the app stores, so I want to link it and upload it to Ionic Pro and run the Package service on it.

When running ionic link --pro-id XXXXXXXX I receive a message App ID YYYYYYYY is already set up with this app. Are you sure you want to link it to XXXXXXXX instead?

If I say Yes, will this interfere with my existing Template app on Ionic Pro? Or will the new/copied app just have the existing app ID overwritten with the new one inside the app’s code?

What’s the best way to link this new app?

Reading the error message, it seems confirming this should change the app id to the new one. But I am not 100% sure what would actually happen :confused:

Yeah, the message is kind of ambiguous. Am I going to unlink my existing app with that ID and link it to the new one?

I went through with it and it appears to have done what I was hoping it would do: replace the Template app ID with the new one.


If you have an idea for better wording, the code for this lives here and can be edited in the web UI of Github easily:

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