Converting Scss to Stylus

I’ve seen a few posts about people asking to switch from SCSS to something that doesn’t require ruby such as LESS. While I actually prefer SCSS over LESS, I do see some use cases where other style languages are preferred.

In comes Stylus, the self proclaimed superhero of css. It complies by using javascript, node, so there aren’t any extra dependencies (since node will already be installed) and the syntax is similar to SASS.

I wanted to know peoples opinions on Stylus and whether they would like the ionic css ported over to stylus. If people would like it, I can do the conversion then make a PR and see if the ionic guys would accept it. It most likely won’t make the 1.0 beta release but I’ll see what I can do.




This is my first post on this forum so please tell me if I did something wrong. Plus I’m not a native English speaker so I may do some mistakes. I’ll try to do my best.

So yeah Stylus would definitively be a great addition. I enjoy it’s simplicity over SASS and LESS.
Besides, the fact that it compiles with Node makes Stylus fit great into a JS front-end stack
However it would be great that the work to add Stylus does not take over more important work to improve Ionic. Instead there should be a simple barebone solution to choose it’s CSS preprocessor via Bower for example.

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I want to bring this topic back. I recently had a dive into stylus and really liked it. Having stylus based ionic css would be great. More options are better.

Cool, glad to see there are others who like stylus.

Im not sure it would make it into the main repo for ionic, but I can always set up my own repo for it. So it would be along the lines of what happened with Bootstrap, someone did a conversion to Scss and then maintained it before the main repo added it in.

Maybe a fun little project for me to take on
I’ll post the repo here for you guys to follow, but note that it will be empty for now.


I think we could help with converting. But I know just a little sass so basic structure need to be setup.

And If it will not go into main repo, we need to manage it manually! Since sass is in the scss folder in ionic root project, I think there will be a stylus folder. Any recommendations for managing? Maybe a sub-repo in own project?

thanks for your work.

+1 for stylus support.


+1 for Stylus
That would be awesome!