Converting app from ionic 1 to ionic 4

how much time would it take to re-develop app like this into the newest techتطبيق-عقار-وان/


Without looking too much into individual components, I’d say you’re looking at around 2 months of work. Possibly more if you aren’t familiar with the newer angular versions

bad news >>> you have to rebuild your app sir . sorry
because there is big different between ionic 1 and 2 or 3 or 4

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first think …you know you have to do it from scratch

ionic 1 : angular js
ionic 4 : angular 2 + versions

to estimate development timeline for ionic 4, you have to make list of

  1. modules in mobile app i.e. login, profile,lists …etc
  2. custom components used in app
  3. API integration
  4. mobile features like camera,bar code,GPS, file storage, share …etc
  5. plugin used to achieve above features
  6. third party libs like chart js, JQuery,underscore js…etc
  7. How much business logic you write in angular js
  8. plain java script code (which you can reuse)
  9. icons i.e. icon lib you used in app

gather all these information of your existing app then make your effort estimation for Ionic 4