Convert *.csv to *.json

I want to create a son file from a very long cvs file, which you can find here:

My problem is, that i can’t convert this file to a json file with a logical structure.
I want a structure with the fields: code and name.

Maybe someone can help me or convert the file for me.

Is this a question related to Ionic? Are you trying to do this in app?

Just a quick google search I found this
Then you just add this to the top of the file to set the keys GoogleCode, NameCode and then you can parse through and get what you want with a simple little script. This is just a quick 2 minute google answer, so I hope I hit the nail on the head.

As i wrote , it don’t work for me :wink:
I know how to google

Can you explain what “don’t work” for you? Do you want somebody to do this work for you?