Conversion (not 'migration') to Ionic 2 from Ionic 1 - a coding strategy?

I’m building a Tabbed app in Ionic 1. It’s just about ready for release but I’m keen to convert the whole thing to Ionic 2.

I’m playing with the Tabbed starter and it seems to that there is a lot of work going into creating a new page.

My current app works like this:
Each tabbed page is a section of information. Each section has a list of sub-sections. The titles and links are loaded with state params from an array in a controller. The links are to actual pages in www and each page may link to another page.

In Ionic 1 each page has a state in the main app js file, and a single page in www. That’s it.

It seems to me (an Ionic 2 novice) that for each page in Ionic 2 you need many more resources - a folder, html, sass and ts files, and corresponding code in the main app files.

Is this correct, or can I load in information in a simpler way? I’m happy to store info as json if need be. My apps are simple information apps so they don’t need much function.