Controllers conflicts



I don’t know if my title describe well my problem but, it’s what i think happen here. What am trying to do is to add facebook login to my app that i use the sidemenu ionic template i followed the tutorial [ionic facebook integration][1]

And, it works well on both browser and mobile but, when i tried to show the facebook data profile picture not in the template profile but, in the top of my side menu i got two issues.

First i need to refresh the browser so the picture show.
Second issue i get this alert Facebook error: undefined which is in the profileCtrl

i get this error when i created a div in the top of the menu template and set ng-controller="profileCtrl" here i think the app get a conflict because the APPCtrl is the controller of the menu Template

here is the code i added to the menu template to show the picture and the user name in the top of the side menu:

<div ng-controller="ProfileCtrl" class="user-pro">

        <img src="{{}}/picture?width=100&height=100"/>
        <p class="text-center user-name side-btn">{{}}</p>


any suggestions? Thank you .